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Trail to Bakuriani 3 days

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Trails to Bakuriani

   Day 1. Early morning we are going to drive from Tbilisi to Bakuriani. We need on the way just 2 hours and we are in ski resort Bakuriani, this resort is all the season is beautiful, in the winter time you can ski there and in the summer time is beautiful for hiking, camping and mountain biking. We are starting to mountain biking from the center of the town, we are going descent throw the Mitarbi valley and our stop is in Borjomi national park in hot sulfur bath. The road is double track and offroad. This bath is in the nature and there is coming hot sulfur bath in the open pool, we are going to swimming there. Then we going to walk down in Borjomi town and taste fresh mineral water. In the evening our bus will be take us back in Bakuriani. We have local traditional dinner in Bakuriani. Overnight in hotel.  

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Trail distance: 40km.

Tour includes: Lunch-dinner

    Day 2. In the morning we have breakfast in the hotel and we going to ride from Bakuriani to Kakhisi Lake. We have whole way offroad, there is descent 15km at altitude 800meter up. Then we have big descent till the lake and from the lake till Borjomi. The road is single and double track. The road is going in forest and in alpine territories. The tour is adventurous.  In the evening bus will be wait us on the road and we will be go back in Bakuriani. Overnight in Hotel. We have dinner in Bakuriani.

Tour duration: 6-7 hours.

Trail distance: 40km.

Tour includes: Lunch-dinner


    Day 3. In the early morning we have breakfast and then we are going to ride from Bakuriani to Tabatskuri lake, the whole road is descent we are going in double track but the mountains and views is amazing and unforgettable.  Our bike tour is going end near small town Tsalka. From there bus will be take us back in Tbilisi. We have dinner in Georgian traditional restaurant where we can taste Georgian best wine and food.


Tour duration: 5-6 hours.

Restrictions: N/A 

Trail distance: 45km.

Tour available on Seasons: From May - till end of October. 

Equipment: We give you helmets - gloves.  

Guide: The guide who is instructor and who is master of the trails. 

Quantity of tourists:  From 3 till 50.  

Bikes for hire: We have MTB bikes for hire; they are 2019 years models 27.5”-29” bikes. 

Tour includes: Breakfast-dinner. 

Tour available times: every time in a week.

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