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Jeep tour in Georgia Kazbegi

We offer you unforgettable jeep tour in Kazbegi region, Kazbegi is very famous and beautiful place in North Georgia. There is huge Caucasus mountains and it's located near the border of Russia. There is mountain Kazbegi which altitude is  5054 meter. There is many beautiful views and water falls, high mountains which is covered with snow. In Kazbegi is a small town which name is Stepantsminda the elevation is at 1740 meter. The average temperature in summer time is 26 degrees and in winter time is -7 degrees. It is 160 km far away  from Tbilisi. There is beautiful trinity Sameba monastery in top of mountain. This is a excellent place for two days jeep tour. 
But if you want to booked more days jeep tour in different parts of Georgia please text us on email and we will be organize it for you. 

Jeep tour in Kazbegi

Day 1 - Meeting in Airport transfer in Hotel. In the morning meeting in hotel/guest house and going to  drive from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. On the way we are going to visit old capital city Mtskheta and Jvari monastery. Then we are going to drive to Ananuri caste which was built in 17 century. Then we continue driving to ski resort Gudauri where we are going to try Skiing or Snowboarding if it is winter time. The cable cars are going on in 10 am till 4 pm. We will be your ski instructors, we have big experience on skiing and we have teaching licence.  For dinner we are going to try Georgian food and wine and taste delicacies and in evening time we will be overnight one night  in hotel Gudauri. 

Day 2 - In the morning we are going to drive from Gudauri to Kazbegi where we are going to drive 25 km in Sno valley which is amazing beautiful place in middle of mountains and the elevation of mountains is under 5000 meter. We can try to drink different mineral waters. Then we going to visit Stepantsminda town, drive on 10 km up to the trinity monastery where from is amazing views. Then we going to drive in Dariali valley and visit Daraiali monastery complex and border of Russia in Larsi. On the way back we are going to walk 1 km in Gveleti water fall in Dariali valley.


Tour duration: 2 days.  

Driving distance: Two ways  320 km.

Tour available on Seasons: Whole year. 

Equipment: Ski equipment we can hire in Gudauri 

Guide: The guide who is instructor and who is master of this area. He is speaking in English and Russian perfect.

Tour includes: Transfers by nice Jeep 4x4. Breakfast-Dinner. Hotel/Guest house

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