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Mountain biking in Tusheti Abano pass 2900 meter elevation. Torgva Sulfur hot bath 2 January 2016. W

In 2 January the early morning me and my 3 friends Merabi, Giorgi and Beka Nareklishvili (they are champions of Georgia Giorgi is a champion of mountain biking XCO and Beka is a Champion in road cycling) we meet each other at my bike shop in center Tbilisi at 9 am. We hang our bikes on my car and start to drive in Kakheti region Telavi, in telavi we bought some food and fresh waters, i bought 2 liter Georgian natural local beer to carry it in Torgva sulfur bath and decide to share it in war bath pool. After the Telavi we start to drive North side 25 km in Tusheti area. We stooped the car in village Pshaveli and take our back packs, changed our shoes with SPD pedals and start to ride uphill on Abano pass. I want to told you that Abano pass was closed in 26 October and after it nobody went on this road it was closed with ice, snow and avalanches, today is a 2 January. We don't afraid troubles, we have strong fiscal preparation, we can ride with non stop per day 150 km in the mountains in difficult climate situations. In front of us is standing big climb Abano pass, the road is covered with snow 30 cm and with ice, most places is frozen avalanches on the roads and we need to walk on it. We wear Gore-tex shoes and coats. We start the ride little bit latter in 1 pm because we lost many time in Telavi market. The Abano pass road was more difficult in the snow-ice when we thought it about it for beginning. Our aim was to ride till the Torgva sulfur warm bath. The ride distance from Pshaveli to Torgva sulfur warm bath is 38 km and village Pshaveli is at elevation 450 meters the Torgva bath is 2200 meters, so we need to ride up at elevation at vertical 1750. We spend the more time when we thought it before we did climbing in 5 hours. The temperature for beginning at 1 pm was +2 and at 6 pm when the getting dark it's become at -17 degrees, our close was frozen and our cycling boots too. When we went till the point we all become very happy. We open the door of the warm sulfur bath and in front of as become warm nice pool, we all jumped in and make relax. We drink few cup of beer and eat Georgian food. We forget that outside is dark and temperature is -17. We spend in the worm pool 3 hours. We found inside the room candles and it was our light during the 3 hours. That moment we will not never forget, it was paradise to lay in worm sulfur water pool with the friends and relax and outside is only ice and snow and nobody leaves around 38 km from us. I want to told you that this place what we did the riding there is no communication no network no civilization and 3 month nobody went on this road, we are first people who done it ride there during this period. After the swimming we went out and start to downhill on the ice, it was dark and 9:30 pm, only i was wear my lighter and 4 persons was follow it till the car and battery went off at the car. If it's become lighter off before i have no idea how we can be back at home in that night. We have been enjoy very much on downhill on the snow and frozen ice, it was really fun and unforgettable ride. We went in Tbilisi back at 12 pm.


I want to told you that in the morning i put in my back pack bike lighter and my friends start me laugh at me why you take with yourself the lighter we will be back at the car in day time, but in the end of day this lighter become our cherish hopes to be back at home.

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