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Trail to Kojori

Hello we have been create new website for them who loves mountain biking adventure tours and other activities. We are working on mountain biking tours since 1999 year. Our customers they are all happy. Yesterday me and Mathieu went for a ride in trail to Kojori. I meet him with my car in canter of Tbilisi, we went in my house we get our mountain bikes and went for a riding in the mountains. Our point was to ride till the top of Kojori Mountain in Udzo monastery. For beginning the single track was dry without snow and ice but after 5 km ascent start snow and ice, we went till the Turtle lake and it was frozen and we start to walk on the ice and in latter we start to cycling there. The weather was foggy and we can't to see the views of Tbilisi, but in latter when we went more up 700 hundrit meter elevation up in front of us become the picture like that, there was mountains and under the mountains was many clouds and the city was disappeared under the clouds. The air was very fresh and our motivation to climb till the top of mountain was much more.

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