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Mountain biking tour in Tusheti

Tusheti is a best area in the earth if you like adventure, nature, rivers, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, extreme, and climbing and etc. My destination in every summer time is to ride in Tusheti. It is so much beautiful place that you never forget it. Last year me and our customers went for mountain biking in Omalo in 10 times . In Tusheti area is many single tracks and many passes where you can cross on bicycle. The Abano pass is one of the spectacular in this region, from there is unforgettable views at altitude 2994 meter. In Tusheti people is very hospitality and they have old traditions, they are not forget their past traditions. In every year they celebrate Tushetoba where from every corner of the region coming people and they are doing concert, they are going sing Georgian folk music and dancing, some people are cooking local tradition food and tasting Tushuri local home-made beer. Tusheti is covered with great Caucasus Mountains range which altitude is more when 5000 meters. Outside of this mountains is border of Chechnya and Dagestan. From village Girevi you can cross by horse, hiking, mountain biking in Atsunta pass and then you can go in Khevsureti region small stone town Shatili. The structure in Tusheti is too much old, when you are traveling in this region be ready you will be feel yourself in 15 century, because there is stone houses and towers, also the clothes is old too. Local people in Tusheti mostly are farmers, some people start to make guest houses for guest and where you can also learn how the local people are doing milk cheese and butter. Our every mountain bike tour in Tusheti is adventure also. We are riding everyday 25-40 km and in the evening time we have chance to listen local folk music and taste local traditional food and wine. This is some photos and video from our last year mountain biking tour in Tusheti.

In Tusheti is a village Bochorna which is a highest village in Europe at altitude 2345 meter.

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