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Mountain biking tour in Caucasus Mountains Kazbegi

Georgia is amazing destination for mountain bikers; Caucasus mountain biking tour gives you big pleasure, you are very close with nature and the mountains are too much high at altitude more when 5000 meters. Everything in Georgia is very beautiful, it is best country for travel, people is peaceful and very friendly, they like guests and they invite you for food and wine, many tourists are going in love on this country. Georiders is an only one company who are doing mountain biking tours in professional. My name is Dato I am local Georgia, I born in Caucasus mountains near Kazbegi and when I was 5 years old then I start mountain biking. I know all corners of my country and best trails for mountains biking. I become many times champion of Georgia in cross country. Georiders guides is complete with XC champions, we know what the customers need, we know what to show them, we know hospitality and we can show them really Georgian culture and traditions. Kazbegi mountain biking is one of the beautiful; in this area is many destinations to go for riding for 1-2-3-4 days. Kazbegi is not too much far from capital city Tbilisi, we just need to drive 2 hours and 30 minutes and need to cross Jvarui pass at altitude 2350 meter and we are in kazbegi. Our MTB tour starts from Stepantsminda (kazbegi) there is trinity Sameba church what we need to see and also we need to visit border of Russia in Dariali gorge, Gveleti water fall, in the evening time we have free time for beer and to swim in hotel in big pool and relax. Next day we have amazing ride in Chauchi mountains where is big lake and we can swim there, make a small picnic and continue to ride on single track in Caucasus Mountain. From the Kazbegi we have mountain trail to Khevsureti there is big loop 45 km going downhill only on single track.

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