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Mountain biking tour in Svaneti Georgia MTB Georgia

Svaneti is so beautiful part of Georgia in Caucasus mountains, it is 8 hours far away from capital city Tbilisi, douring the driving we are going to cross from East to West Georgia, on the way we are going every time to stop in Kutaisi and visiting Sataplia cave (protected area) there is Dinosaur path inside the cave.

Our travel started in early morning from Tbilisi, we went with two jeeps in Svaneti, with us was nice family from USA and one guy from Denmark, we stopped in Kutaisi caves and several time for a meal in Georgian restaurant and we taste Georgian traditional food and drinks. In the evening time we walked in around the beautiful small town of Svaneti in Mestia, we went in local restaurant and we tasted some nice local food.

Next day we wake up and after the breakfast we went in the mountains for biking, we went up to the hill by cable car and then we start continue to riding in single path, after the big slope down we went in our hotel we change the close and went for jeep tour in beautiful lakes of Ushguli, after the 50 minutes driving we arrive there, it's starts sunset and was very beautiful when you are watching it from 3200 meter. We meet some wild horses and they started to play around. In the night we come back in hotel we get some nice dinner and beer, we celebrate nice day.

Nest day we wake up early and we went for a riding in highest village Ushguli, we went on nice single track and on double track, after the 40 km riding we arrive in Ushguli, the local family meet us very hospital and they cook for us local traditional food and we taste home made wine. This day was also very memorable. I have been slept in Svan tower on bear skin. Next day we went for biking in highest mountain of Georgia mountain Shkhara at elevation 5201 meter, we went by bike till glacier there was water fall and more fresh air , little bit i feel cold. In the evning we start to hiking on queen Tamar summer tower. I went for fishing and i get one big trout for dinner. we take some nice drone videos and photos. We overnight in Ushguli and we cook some nice food at the fire.

Next day we start to riding in early morning from Ushguli to Lentekhi, we went 65 km descent on dirt track at elevation 3200 meter till 1000 meter elevation, it is one of the amazing long ride descent in Georgia. after the riding we went for a swimming in fresh river, we change the close and we went in Kutaisi where we visit Promete caves and then we went back in hot Tbilisi. It was a great riding days with nice people, we spend 6 beautiful days together we make beautiful riding and we spend nice time at Georgia table (Supra).

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