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Adventure tour in Georgia

I meet Sajjad in 28.12.2017 he is a professor in economic field and he is teaching people in different Europe universities, he likes travel, adventure, mountain biking, trekking, paragliding and other extreme sports. In 28 December we went for mountain biking near Tbilisi on Lisi lake, we did 4 hours riding in most beautiful views and we spend unforgettable time. After the biking we want in a bar in center city for drinking where we listen live rock music. We make plane for next day and we decide to go in the morning in ski resort Gudauri. Next morning in 29 December we start diving from Tbilisi to Gudauri it's takes 2 hour driving in winter time. The weather was nice and sunny, the temperature was 11 degrees and there was much more warmer when in Tbilisi. My friend George take Sajjad for paragliding because my parachute get hall and it is on service. After the fly i take Sajjad for to learn how to ski and he try it and did some skiing down. After the skiing we went on top of Jvari pass at elevation 2395 meter where from is amazing views of great Caucasus mountains. After great activities in evening we went back in Tbilisi. In 30 December we decide to go for trekking tour in close to Tbilisi in Turtle lake and up to the mountains. We did it trekking 25 km in 5 hours, the weather was foggy and we can't see nice views of the nature but the during the walk we take big pleasure and we speak a lot about our countries and culture. In 31 December we gate day off, i take my children in circus and on new year tree. Me and Sajjad meet each other before new year 2 hours early and celebrate for cup of wine. In new year 12:00 i meet in my family, then we went restaurant and then house of friends. 1 January evening i went in my cuisine hose and we celebrate new year in Georgian traditions, we cooked meat and drink wine with horn and we sing Georgian folk music and start dancing Georgian dance till the morning. 2nd January was holiday and Georgians we celebrant it like that, you need to do in this day best tings and whole your year will be continue like this how you spend this day, so i meet in the morning at 1:00 am of 2 January with my friends in restaurant, then we moved in club and spend nice time there, just i come back at home in 5:00 am morning, i sleep 5 hours only and in 11:00 am i went with Sajjad in ATV tour near Tbilisi which take 5 hours riding in most amazing nature. When we went our for beginning the whether was fine and no snowing, but when we start climbing up to the mountains at 2200 meter there start snowing with strong wind, it was big challenge, we have not stop riding we went up and up till the top of the mountains, my guest he was in shock of the beauties of nature, after the 5 hours driving we went back in Tbilisi, it was beautiful driving with Polaris sportsman 570. Georgia is amazing country for adventure holidays.

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