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Bike Tour Georgia

Georgia is small country in middle of Asia and Europe, it is mountaineer country with rich history and traditions. During the mountain bike tour we are visiting many old villages. We are spending time with local people and we learn there traditions which are very old, we listen there folk music and how they are dancing. I want to told you about small paradise in the world, it is in Georgia in Tusheti region which is a ancient and this place looks how it was in many centuries ago. There are not modern asphalt road or electricity or other communications, this land standing in the middle of huge Caucasus Mountains and few years ago the cell companies just fixed there mobile connection and the electricity they get from solar panels. This region is very green and rich of the Flora and fauna, there are water falls, rivers, streams and mineral waters, mountains are full of beautiful flowers which you can meet only in high mountains, in example flower edelweiss and many others, also there are really huge Caucasus eagles and many other animals. This place why i say it is paradise because there is so beautiful nature and peaceful place that you can feel yourself very quiet and very secure. There are not many people, you need to be strong, you need to be healthy, you need to be kind person, need to be love nature and only elected people can be get there in Tusheti. All our customers every mountain biker lovers they are good people, healthy and stronger, they love nature and it is one reason why we are going for mountain biking there. I want to tell you about last year tour in Tusheti. in 2017 in summer we went by car till Abano pass at altitude 3000 meter. In the top of the pass was fogy and we can't see nothing in front, it was like milk road and we went up and up like 2 hours. In top we went more up when was clods and we saw down very beautiful view. We start biking descent to side of Omalo, we make downhill ride in high speed and i get on stone puncture, i fixed it and we continue riding again, we cross streams and ice and we jumped in little bit in mud, because it was beginning of June and the road was wet from ice melting, we went on rear wheel and with jumping on natural trampolines. In last few kilometer become dark and we went till the guest house with bike light lamps. The housewife cooked for us nice food and we taste Georgian wine. Next morning we wake up yearly and we went to the villages Shenako and Diklo, it was very beautiful weather, we went b bike till the border of Dagestan where from we saw the villages. After the riding we went for swimming in the fresh river Alazani and we catch few fish which we cooked on fire in house yard. Next morning we went in Gometsari mountains and in beautiful village Dartlo where we spend good time. We have been 5 days in Tusheti and we spend best time there. After Tusheti we went To Shatili in Khevsureti region and about it i will be tell you in next story. Now you can see down our photos which we take down during the our bike tour. The photos can tell you more when my thousand words.

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