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Mountain bike holiday in Georgia Svaneti Mountain Shkhara - Ushba

Georgia (Sakartvelo) located in middle of big and small Caucasus mountains range, the country is surrounded Caucasus mountains and it is small paradise in Earth, you don't need to die to get in paradise you can get in paradise when you are life and visit us in Georgia, you can visit our country and discover it by mountain bike. Small information about Georgia: Our country really name is Sakartvelo, Europeans call us Georgia, old soviet countries call us Gruzia and in Azia call us Gurjistan, but really name is "Sakartvelo" and not other names what they call us in general. The Georgian population in country side is 3.5 million inhabitants and 1.5 million people are in immigration in other countries because of bad economic situation in 1990 years when people start to leave our country and they went in Europe and in Asia, our country left Soviet Union in 1990 year and we start to get independent, then the Russia occupation our 23% of territories and make us economic creases and people went in Europe - Asia to find work. I will be back about mountain biking tour and our group came from Europe - Estonia they was very friendly and memorable guests we spend amazing time together, the World is too small and we will be meet each other again i am sure, so we went for unforgettable mountain bike tour in Svaneti region for one week, during the biking we cross many mountain ranges and many rivers and streams, we get in top of mountain picks and make amazing descent and ascent riding. We discovered Georgian culture and traditions, our guest liked Georgian hospitality food and red wine, also they exited about Great Caucasus mountains and with many mountain bike single track which is lot of in our country, they get big pleasure from riding which continues every day 4-5 hours. We went every day 1000 meter altitude up and 1000 meter altitude down. Every day we changed our guest house location and we moved more and more deep of Svaneti villages, last our stop was in village Ushguli which is absolutely ancient and beautiful where is many Svan towers, we enjoyed of views of highest mountain in Georgia Mountain Shkhara which altitude is 5201 meter.

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