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Mountain bike and E-bike tour in Georgia

Georiders organize Mountain bike and E-bike tours in Georgia, we are established our company in 1999 year and we are locals and we are Georgians, we have very big experience on mountain bike trails.

During the summer time we organize hundred of different bike tours around our country in Caucasus mountains.

in 17 August of 2019 we organize amazing mountain bike tour in Kazbegi. In the early morning 40 participants we gathering each other at our bike office at Lisi Lake and we went by our cars in amazing beautiful Kazbegi region and we make amazing ride in Truso valley.

With us was many beginner customers and many girls, we used E-bikes and just normal MTB bikes, we went on double track and on single track.

Mountain bike tour in Georgia is very popular and it's getting popular in yang generation also.

Truso valley

E-bike tour in Georgia is very popular and we have amazing E-bikes for rental and you can get amazing pleasure from it.

The girls rented it from us and they get more power when just people, we went till the end of the Truso valley.

We went to the top of old towers which was built in 5 century.

After amazing mountain biking we went in same day back to Tbilisi, we stopped in Georgian restaurant and taste amazing food and wine.

In the late night we come back to our bike office and we say good buy each other.

Next our riding destination is Svaneti in September.

For more photos please check gallery below

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