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Gravel bike race Tbilisi Georgia | ველო შეჯიბრი გრაველის და საიქლ ქროსის სახეობაში

Last week in Tbilisi there were organized gravel and cycle-cross race by enthusiastic people who they are from Georgia and they have own group in social media. The event organizers invite us Georiders to help them and support them by technical side (dynamics, microphone, Tent, to make start by shoot gun & DJ).

As everybody knows winter starts in Georgia from December and continues till end of February and winter is come and in the morning before we started race snow is come on. But we have not cancel a race and we started it, it was very fun and nature was super beautiful, we did big fire and we get warmer.

There where two category Man and Women and there we get winners.

I want to show you some nice pictures from the race below.


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