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Mountain bike tour in North east Georgiaz


How you know we are organizing every year hundreds of different bike tours and our guests coming all over the world for active holidays and we are offering them all kind of level rest in Georgia. How you know biking takes lot of energy and some people thinks that biking is terrible hard thing it’s makes you tired and how you can do it every day? But they does not know beautiful is it to ride your bike and discover new World, from bicycle you feeling land much more when from the car. There are lot of fun moments, from riding we take big pleasure which is like our positive energy. We crossing many new regions of Georgia and discovering new areas new villages and meeting new people. We love cycling and adventure begins when you riding your bike. So here I want to show small video how we spending evening time at dinner table every evening after beautiful riding day. Biking give us many positive emotions. If you are not trust me watch our YouTube video. Our guests come from Canada, China and from Australia. I wish to disappear very soon pandemic situation Covid-19 virus and people start again traveling around the World.


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