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Mountain biking tour in Ananuri

Ananuri castle was built in XVII century in North region of Georgia in Aragvi valley on the main road of Georgian military road. The castle was one of the biggest castles in Aragvi valley and it was door of the mountains. Now days inside the walls built Ananuri Orthodox Church. This place has many visitors also it’s surrounded with big lake of Ananuri. In summer time people from Tbilisi are going to swimming there.

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Day ride mountain bike tour in Ananuri

Day 1. In the morning we are going to drive from Tbilisi to Bazaleti lake. Our tour starts from there we are going to ride around the lake and then starts little bit ascent 300 meter elevation up and then have a big descent (elevation 1000 meter) till Ananuri castle. This tour is very enjoyable and adventurous. In the end of the riding we have chance to swimming in Ananuri lake.

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Restrictions: N/A


Tour available on Seasons: From February - till end of December.


Equipment: We give you helmets - gloves.


Guide: The guide who is instructor and who is master of the trails.


Quantity of tourists:  From 2 till 50.


Bikes for hire: We have MTB bikes for hire; they are 2014 years models 26”-27.5”-29” bikes.


Tour includes: Snacks and water-dinner.


Tour available times: 7 days in a week. From the 8am till 3pm.


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