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The Battle of Didgori was fought between the armies of the Kingdom of Georgia and the declining Great Seljuq Empire at the place of Didgori, 40 km west of Tbilisi, (the modern-day capital of Georgia), on August 12, 1121. The battle resulted in King David IV of Georgia’s decisive victory over a Seljuk invasion army under Ilghazi and the subsequent reconquest of a Muslim-held Tbilisi, which became the royal capital. The victory at Didgori inaugurated the medieval Georgian Golden Age and is celebrated in the Georgian chronicles as a "miraculous victory" .

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Trail to hero 1 day tour

Day 1. This bike trip is for them who wants to do one day tour not to much far from Tbilisi. This area is amazing place for mountain biking, it is not to much far from capital city Tbilisi, but there is so huge mountains with beautiful view that he gives you unforgettable feelings and on the road you have chance to meet local farmers with sheep and cows. This area is alpine there is no trees but it is to much green and mountains is cover with grass. On the way we are going to visit XII century memorial of Georgian heroes. The bike trail is going on double track, for beginning is 7 km accent  300 meter up and then is 25 km descent 1200 meter down. End point is Tbilisi. The duration of tour needs 7 hours riding.

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