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Hiking& camping tour in Tusheti 

Tusheti is amazing place for Trekking/Hiking and camping tours, it is in middle of  great Caucasus mountains.  Tusheti is a small paradise in the Earth. There is many water falls big mountains, everything is green and it is protected area of Georgia and member of UNESCO. There is a many wild animals. This Tusheti  is well known for travellers. 

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Trekking & hiking tour From Omalo to Shatili

Day 1. Meeting in Tbilisi airport, transfer in Tbilisi Guest house. In early morning we have breakfast and then we going to drive from Tbilisi to Tusheti . In front we have 4 hours driving on the way and need to cross Abano pass at altitude 2994 meter. On the way we are going to stop in Telavi Kakheti region and taste Georgian food and wine. Abano pass is very beautiful, from there you can see on your hand whole mountains. In we arrive in Omalo and have time to visit Ceselo tours and walk in evening in street. In the evening time we have local traditional dinner . overnight in local guest house. 

Tour duration: 3-4 hours.

Trekking distance: 6km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snacks-dinner

Day 2. We wake up early morning have a nice breakfast and going to hiking in Oreti lakes. The distance from Omalo to the lake is 14 km. The road for beginning is double track and in the end is a small path. From the lake we can see whole valley of Omalo. We have time for picnic and for to relax. After the long day we are going back in Omalo and we are going to visit local museum. In the evening we have chance to listen Georgian folk music. Dinner in the evening time and overnight in Guest house.   

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Traakking distance: 28 km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snacks-dinner

Day 3. We wake up early morning have a nice breakfast and going for  trekking from to Shenako and Diklo, this two  small villages is very old, they are looking like in XII century, the architect and structure is to much old and houses was built by mountain stones. They are looking great. On the way we are going to visit border of Dagestan, on the border standing old Georgian castle which has big history  and every locals if you ask them to tell you story about it they can old you everything in details about  30 Georgian heroes  how they was defence 10 days them village from enemy.

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.
After the trekking our car is going to drop us back in Omalo where we have great dinner and Georgian wine.

Trekking distance: 24km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snacks-dinner

Day 4. In the early morning we have breakfast and we are going to fro trekking from Omalo to village Dartlo. This day is one of the amazing when last one because now we are going to go up in Gometsary valley mountain where is amazing views and you never forget it. After the ascent we are going descent to the village Farsma and Dartlo. this both villages are very beautiful and they was built by stone. They are surrounded by great Caucasus mountains and around is coming down fresh streams where is possible to swim, but you need to remember that all the stream and rivers is very cold in mountains during the summer time. 
We have dinner in local family tape guest house and we are going to overnight in village Dartlo. Village dartlo is a Member of  UNESCO book. 

Tour duration: 6-7 hours.

Trekking distance: 33 km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snack-dinner.

Day 5. We wake up early morning have a nice breakfast and going to drive from Dartlo to Abano pass, on the way we are going to visit Torgva sulphur worm bath and take a shower and relax. Then we are going to visit love city Signagi and we will be walk in the streets and see sightseeing , in the evening we have dinner where we are going to taste local traditional red and white wine.
Overnight in Signagi guest house.

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Trekking distance: 5km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snacks-dinner

Day 6. We wake up early morning have a nice breakfast and going to drive back in Tbilisi. We are going to visit sightseeing places of old town and take some nice pictures in Tbilisi.   We are going in Funicular park in top of the city. After the tour departure in airport. 

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Trail distance: 12km.

Tour includes: Breakfast-snacks-dinner

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