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Trail to Kojori downhill

Kojori mountain bike park is one of the favourite place for local mountain bikers, it's located very close from Tbilisi and in side the park is huge possibilities for all kind of riders (enduro, freeride, downhill, XC, back country) the feelings after the riding is unforgettable.  From the top of the mountain you can see amazing beautiful views of  Tbilisi. I high recommended to join us for one day riding mountain biking tour in Kojori bike park near Tbilisi. 

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Trails to Kojori

Kojori trail is one of the nearest single tracks in Tbilisi. This trail is very nice for short riding but whole way is technical descent. Our tour starts from Kodjori . The single track we did it me and my friends the long time ago, the length is 17 km. The trail altitude is 1300 meter and descent is 900 meter, it’s going in the forest and some alpine places where you can enjoy views of whole Tbilisi. This trail is too much enjoyable; we have some nice bump jumps on the trail. On this trail we can make two times repeat ride in one day.

Tour duration: 3 hours.

Trail distance: 35 km.

Tour includes: Snacks-water

Tour available on Seasons: From end of January - till beginning of December. 

Equipment: We give you helmets - gloves.  

Guide: The guide who is instructor and who is master of the trails.

Quantity of tourists:  From 2 till 50.  

Bikes for hire: We have MTB bikes for hire; they are 2019 years models 27.5”-29” bikes.

Tour includes: Transportation

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