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Terms and Conditions

1. Mountain bike tour booking with company of (Georiders)  on on email ( He/She automatically agree and recognize that mountain biking is adventure & extreme sport and if He/She injure or broke something during the biking tour He/She will not be ask something payment and He/She have no problem about that company (Georiders). Georiders will not be  pay something for customers insurance and health. Customers are agree to pay all expenses  by their self of their healthy and life.

2.  If He/She damage Georiders own bike and equipment He/She are agree to pay all expenses how much it need to be get in same condition as it was in starting point. If he/she  lost Georiders bikes and equipment we agree to pay for it.

3. He/She are liability for their life and healthy and he/she recognize that company Georiders are not liability about their life & health. 


4. Applicants are automatically  submitted  company terms and conditions then they are agree of tour program. 

5. Applicants are agree to pay tour price in advance before tour starts.

6. Tour price includes:

  • Transfer from airport

  • Hotel/Guest house

  • Mountain bike

  • Meal Brakfast-Lunch-Dinner

    Tour price does not includes:

  • Alcohol drinks 

  • Fly tickets

  • Insurance 

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