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Trail to Tusheti

Historically, Tusheti comprised four mountain communities: the Tsova (living in the Tsova Gorge), the Gometsari (living along the banks of the Tushetis Alazani River), the Pirikiti (living along the banks of the Pirikitis Alazani River) and the Chaghma, living close to the confluence of the two rivers). Administratively speaking, Tusheti is now part of the raioni of Akhmeta, itself part of Georgia's eastern region of Kakheti. The largest village in Tusheti is Omalo. This territory is in protected area of republic. In Tusheti you can make mountain biking, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing,  horse riding and many other activities.

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Trail to Tusheti 5 days riding tour

Day 1. We are meeting you in the night in Tbilisi international airport and will be take you and your baggage in Tbilisi Hotel/Guest house. In the early morning we are going to drive from Tbilisi to Tusheti. After few hours driving we getting chance to start riding from Abano pass till the small town Omalo. The ride distance is 35 km. The Abano pass is amazing place who likes mountain biking, hiking, Paragliding and to take photos on the view of great Caucasus mountains. The Altitude of the pass is 2900 meter, the mountain biking road is double track.  Overnight in Omalo hotel/guest house.

Day 2. We wake up in the morning and going to hiking in Keselo tours. After we going to ride in Dartlo and Diklo. This small two villages is located in East side of Tusheti, they are looking very beautiful and attractive. The ride distance is 26 km.

After we going back in Omalo. Overnight there in hotel/guest house. In the evening we have free to walking in the town and visit local museum. 


Day 3. In the morning time we wake up and getting our bikes and equipment in bus/jeep and going to drive In Gometsari valley where from we are going to push the bikes 7 km uphill and and then we have descent in village Parsma. The bike trail is single track and surrounded with great Caucasus mountains. The single track has many technical sections but we have two path for professionals and for beginners. The finish point is one of the most beautiful village Dartlo, we will be overnight there in local traditional guest house. We will be taste local traditional Georgian food and wine. In the evening we have time for to walk in around.


Day 4. In the morning we are going to ride from guest house to the last village of Tusheti Girevi. On the way we need to visit some small stone villages which was built in IV century. After the ascent then we have big descent. The ride distance is 28 km. Overnight in Omalo guest house.

Day 5. We wake up early morning and going to drive back to Abano pass again. From the top we have 40 km descent. The road is double track. On the way at 30 km we are going to stop hot sulfur Torgva bath pool where we can swim in the pool. After we are going again 10 km descent where our Bus/jeep will be take us back in Tbilisi. We have big Georgian traditional Sufra in restaurant. Overnight in Hotel/Guest house in Tbilisi. Next day transfer to Tbilisi international airport.

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