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e-Bike tour in Georgia

Electric mountain bike tours

 We offer you unforgettable E-bike tours around Georgia, we have huge choice of bike trails.

E-Bike gives you chance to be ride in all kind of Caucasus mountains and enjoy of your ride, Electric bike gave you maximum power in your leg and you can't feel tired yourself, you are more faster on E-bike when Olympic champion, you can ride in a day 120 km on mountains, if you want to join us but you think that you are not such strong now you have chance to ride with us and get our E-bikes for rental. Book your E-bike holiday with us and ride your life.

E-bike tour in Georgia Tbilisi.jpg


  •  How it's works? 

If you want to join your friends and you are not as strong as your friends you can book our E-bike for you and you can be ride more faster and more long distance as any normal MTB riders. During the bike tour we all are riding together only different is that that you are riding on E-bike and you are not never get tired. Choice your tour from hear                                      

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Riding Altitude per day 
1000-2500 meter 

Total distance
Per day you can ride 85-150 km 

High point
3600 Meter

Difficulty (1-10)
Point - 1

E-bike tour in Georgia.jpg
E-bike tour in Georgia.jpg
  • Our E-bike models

Ebike tour in Georgia.jpg

Kellys Theos 90

Electric bike tour in Georgia.jpg
E-bike tours Georgia Tbilisi.jpg

Kellys Theos i 50

E-bike tour in Georgia Tbilisi
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