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Micah Veselov
Micah Veselov

Where Are The Customers' Yachts : Or A Good Hard Look At Wall Street LINK Download

The metaphor that worries me most on this topic is not actually Wall Street capital and missing yachts, it\u2019s organized labor and lost jobs. In the last third of the last century, the proportion of the workforce that was unionized fell by more than half, as good jobs disappeared by the millions, spurring a significant part of the alienation that is tearing this country apart even now. At same time, top union leadership at places like the AFL-CIO held comfortable sinecures, hobnobbed in Washington and convened comfortably in Florida. A visitor looking to Bar Harbour might have asked, \u201CWhere are the rank and file\u2019s jobs?\u201D Too few asked that question until it was too late. I hope we can avoid that mistake in the news business.

Where Are the Customers' Yachts : or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street download

I'm concerned that any stimulus money is going to the nuclear industry, as I'm seeing reports that there's 50 billion dollars in the bill for nuclear power.The argument that nuclear power is a carbon-free energy source, and therefore good for the environment, shows a galling disregard for the potentially catastrophic environmental damage that might result from another accident. We need look no further than three-mile island and Chernobyl to see its more than just a theoretical issue. The insurance companies won't touch it, which is why the nuclear industry has been hiding behind an artificial liability shield, provided by Congress in 1957 - The Price-Anderson Act. The current dollar amounts in the Act would be overwhelmed by an accident anywhere near the scale of Chernobyl.There are reasons nuclear power in the US has ebbed nearly to extinction over the last few decades, and those reasons are as valid today as they've been in the past. The true cost of nuclear power makes it a terrible choice for future energy plans, if the liability risks in their true form are taken into consideration.

Now that we helped you reach the mountain top, it seems like you are looking down and trying to 'reach out' to the folks on the other side, who until just recently, were trying to beat you to the top! It is a good gesture; but make sure that they don't pull you down and you end up with neither their support nor ours - -Since 1932 and specially after 1980 the 'other party' has continued to abandon the ways of some of their stellar leaders like Lincoln and T.R. and have become more and more rigid and inflexible. We don't need to remind you that it was 'the other party' that colosally mismanaged their duties and responsibilities and got us into all this mess, just as during the Great Depression. Over 70% of us, the ''ordinary citizens'' have faith in you and have given you the mandate to end the war and to help main-street get back up on its feet; we don't see how you can even consider giving more money to Big Banks and Wallstreet, when they havn't been forthright and forthcoming about how they spend the first $350 billion and without even a faint improvement in the pulse of the economy ! They fooled you and the congress once; don't let them fool you again because the shame will definitely fall on you and we will never forgive or forget - -Like you have said often, this is the moment ! You M-U-S-T overcome the 'pull and pressure' of the old Corporate Monarchy and boldly strike out in a new direction, where We on Main-Street who supported and shored you up on your tumultuous way to the nomination and the presidency, had hoped that we would have our voices heard, at long last !The bail out should be overwhelmingly directed toward LOCAL Small Businesses and Institutions, relief with toxic mortgages etc etc.

I think it has become abundantly clear that business cares not a lick for free mkts etc, but only for credit no matter where it comes from, and is perfectly happy to be operated as a recipient of govt relief. Indeed that hasn't meant they are at the same time willing to give up selfishness, but you can conclude that American business's connection to the individualism of Adam Smith is a gigantic myth, and that it is really an appendage of modern monarchy not far removed from National Socialism. There is a peculiar attitude among Wall St types that if govt subsidizes consumer buying, it will push up the price of stocks. Just how it will do that except by creating inflation is no way clear. But many of them are Keynesians, and want to believe that no matter what is spent it will "stimulate" economic activity, but it is only at the expense of inflation, and thus its effect is to redistibute capital via depreciation from its current holders to those who are the recipient of the handouts. This may or may not be unfair, but it ought to be clear that in itself it is not necessarily physically productive, on the one hand, and that it is offset by the tendency of inflation to raise the value of assets, thus not financially productive either. One of Keynes' students said that such expenditures would "multiply" in the economy, which grew into the belief that it would thus stimulate other activity, while David Hume had said more than 150 yrs earlier that such inflation will create activity alright, but that it will not spread in the absence of real productivity. Both the present gentleman should know that the period prior to 1933 saw an immense "rationaliation" of American industry and finance, under the aegis of the Progressives, including Hoover, which applauded the trusts, no less than the objective of full employment, and a very good case can be made that this was a major cause in preciptating the Depression, as it has again now. This is the third time I'm going to say here, that it was not free mkt policy that caused this recession, or probably depression, but the overwhelming desire for all Americans to take the easy way out and put security before hard work. It permeates every aspect of this society, but it is nowhere more perncious than in our policy of easy money and deficit spending.

Sirota and Frank were and are wrong on so many crilevels, I hardly know where to begin. While there is always a criminal element on wall street...the same is true of government (i.e. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the FED,etc). And only GOVERNMENT has the power to cause this kind of foul up. The crisis in the 30's was also caused by bad government policies (especially at the FED). And why don't these guys just marry Obama...I mean what ever happened to objective journalism. Whatever happened to common sense. Obama will fail because he is WAY too much like Bush. Big government all the way.

Amos nodded and looked curiously at the speaker, who went down on hands and knees to creep to where the miner had been at work; took down the candle from the wall, and examined the vein of glistening tin and the fragments that had been chipped off.

It was a strange scene, and the shadow of the young man, as it was cast here and there upon the rock, looked like some hideous spirit of the mine waving its arms, and menacing him with a monstrous pick. There was something awful too, in the harsh, clanging noises repeated from the stony walls; and every stroke of the implement he wielded seemed to draw forth threatening flashes of light, as the toiler smote on at the hard rock that had lain there virgin from far back in those distant ages whose dim vistas are so full of awe to the inquiring mind.

This lasted but a few minutes, and then a curiously-hard, stern look came over her pale face, as she slowly rose from her knees, and went and placed her hands in those of her father, looking him full in the eyes; and then, with the air of outraged womanhood lending a stern beauty to her face, she let him lead her to his study, where she sat with him, hardly speaking, till she heard it whispered that Mr Trethick had got up, and gone staggering out of the house.


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