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Watch Shingeki No Kyojin - 33


This rewatch is for everyone! Anyone can join in, does not matter if you've watched the show 20 times, or if you don't even know what it's about! Whether you're a long time fan who wants any excuse to see it all again or someone who watched it years ago and want to refresh your memory, feel free to comment and discuss the series on an episode by episode basis!

Please avoid discussion of events from the manga or from a point in the anime beyond where the rewatch is at. Only events up to the latest episode that has been rewatched can be freely discussed. You can still talk about things from later in the series, as long as you tag it appropriately using the spoiler format!

The country you live in will ultimately determine where you can watch Attack On Titan, as there are different licenses to the show in different locations. In the US and Canada, the best place to watch is definitely Crunchyroll. The newest episode went live on Crunchyroll early on March 4th, but much to the chagrin of fans, it had no English subtitles at the time.

Growing up in the '80s and early '90s meant that I was only able to go and see films like \"Akira,\" \"Ghost in the Shell\" and \"Princess Mononoke\" when they came to our local art house theaters. I watched series like \"Robotech\" and \"Voltron\" knowing that they were part of something bigger. Not just the stories themselves, but the whole world of Japanese animation. I'm still undereducated. Maybe that's why I always look forward to putting together the Anime section of the gift guide. There are usually a few familiar faces but so much of it is foreign to me. One of these days I'll get to read all the books that are pilled up around my bedroom and watch all the series that have been recommended to me over the year. Until then, I'm window shopping. Here's a look at some of the things that caught my eye. 59ce067264


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