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i tried to nail down the exact velocity of my rounds with a chronograph and also did my own caliper tests to verify the velocity. i found that the velocity varied from as little as 2810 fps to the advertised 2940 fps. the velocities im using are an average of all the rounds fired that morning. i used a tangent made shot clock to make sure i wasnt missing any rounds, but also to catch any that would be outside of the advertised performance range. i will admit, im not a sniper, and i do miss sometimes, even with a.25 cal iron sights. but im proud to say that this scenario was one of the few where i hit all the targets. i believe that this bullet is one of the most accurate of all the norma and royals ive used, but it doesnt stop there. youll be amazed at how much advantage this bullet has over the typical factory-loaded wez.

because this is such a unique slug, we still dont have a lot of information about it, but so far, its performed well. when i get a chance, i will do some more testing to determine some accurate bc and ballistic coefficients. again, im not a fellow lover of superspherics, but this bullet has performed well so far.

being the young guy that i am, i keep getting tagged with a bunch of superlatives. most guys call me the most accurate guy theyve ever seen with a sniper rifle in competition, but i always say im not done yet. im constantly trying to improve, and what i lack in experience, im trying to make up for with knowledge and education. i try to educate shooters and range guys as much as possible.

i guarantee you that this bullet is going to be in the next national match, and eventually it will win some of these matches for the best performance. it will most likely win at the big 300 winchester, and possibly the 300 ruger, and 300 norma. 3d9ccd7d82


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