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Rostislav Gorbachev
Rostislav Gorbachev

Garmin Topo Germany PORTABLE Cracked

I wish I had seen this in the Forum before I decided to buy the device, I had a Garmin Montana 650 which died due to design flaws of the powerswitch, It cracked and rain came in. The polymer they used was probably not designed to last more than 5 years. I do regret now that I bought the 700i, the backend (garmin express) was not updated to work with this device, and yes, there is not enough on board memory, stingy Garmin, they don't think future proof yet, and haven't done that for als long as I use their products (Since Street Pilot III)

Garmin Topo Germany Cracked

What he said. I am a geocacher and I use c:geo+locus+garmin glo -combination for geocaching. Often geocaches are located offroad. The best possible topographic map for that in Finland is an IMG map from the National Land Survey of Finland. I can use that map online but an offline map would be so much more convenient (battery life, reception, speed). I would buy the pro version instantly if proper IMG support would be added. 076b4e4f54


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