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Micah Veselov

Shlomit Levi - Debut Demo Album (2010)

Pe 11 iunie 2012, chitaristul Matti Svatizky și-a anunțat plecarea din trupă, motivând probleme personale.[20] El a fost înlocuit cu Chen Balbus, un tânăr muzician care participase anterior la câteva turnee Orphaned Land în calitate de chitarist de rezervă[21]. Balbus a fost integrat în trupă ca membru plin și a debutat pe următorul album Orphaned Land, All Is One,[22] participând inclusiv la compoziție și aranjamentul pieselor[21].

Shlomit Levi - Debut Demo Album (2010)

And on this attempt, they added even more elements to their mix. Dozens of oriental instruments which are more prominent than in Sahara, female vocals, choirs, Arabic chants, percussion, violins... But the result is nevertheless not so far from their debut album, sounding this record too immature compared to their later works, when they truly developed their authentic sound and personality. But the album has its moments and is rather enjoyable despite being too long and lacking more catchy melodies. They increased the epicity of the songs, with great guitar solos from the very gifted Yoshi Sassi, and they added more clean vocals and tons of keyboards, being this album more accessible and easier to hear than previous records. The production and musicianship are also good enough, and I can imagine that this album was not easy to make!Best Tracks: Find Yourself, Discover God (powerful opener), The Truth Within (great guitar solos), A Never-ending Way (good slow track), Of Temptation Born (the best riffs of the album), The Evil Urge (in this precious acoustic track can we hear what a great singer Kobi Fahri is)Conclusion: it's easy to hear that the band invested great effort and that they tried really hard with El Norra Alila to surpass the quality of their debut Sahara, crafting a pair of good songs in the process (sometimes even very good)Nevertheless, is a record that you can easily avoid if you are not a die-hard fan of the band. My rating: *** social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Review this album Report (Review #2055578)

Michaeli is an Israeli actress, comedian, television hostess, and entertainer who was singing on Israeli radio by the age ofy 14. Michaeli performed her military duties at the Army Radio. In the 1960s, her first show on stage was with Yossi Banai . In 1974, she was part of the cast of the satirical program Nikui Rosh (Head Cleaning). Subsequently, she was the host of Siba L'mesiba (Reason for a Party), the most popular television program broadcast on Friday evenings, as well as its successor, Sof Shavua (Weekend). She also performed at the Habimah and Cameri theaters, acted in a television series, and appeared in 16 films, broadcast on radio, recorded albums, moderated song festivals, and twice hosted Eurovision . She was awarded a prize for her life's work by the Israeli Film and Television Academy, and also a prize for her contribution to radio. In 1991, The Los Angeles Times called her "one of Israel's most popular television hosts" and in 1995 The Jerusalem Post called her "one of the country's most popular entertainers."


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