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When data security is the goal, administrators should have a solid understanding of more than any industry-specific regulations, but also an understanding of the true levels of security offered by the various apps. Ephemeral messaging apps promote the idea of data security through automated deletion and destruction; however, digital forensics practitioners have found various ways to capture data from an ephemeral app. If the app is set to retain messages after viewing, investigators with unfettered access to the device can often employ well-known imaging techniques to preserve and analyze data or resort to screen captures when technical limitations exist.

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Deluxe double LP edition, first ever vinyl pressing, for the second Anenzephalia album, first released in 1995 as special edition CD in poster cover, repressed in a digipak in 2007, all long sold out. These are power electronics assaults at their best. Around 64 minutes of brilliant, brain numbing noise, sick electronics, droning waves, distant echoing vocals, subtle rhythmic loops, rumbling bases and piercing frequencies. Here the dream dies! The world is still smothered in absurdity! Ltd x 250 copies on white vinyl in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished sleeve. Comes with 12" booklet reflecting the artwork of the original poster cover, plus digital download card.

However, despite the performative aspect of the computer code they are built upon, digital archives don't embody ephemeral knowledge that requires co-presence. They require interaction but not the embodied co-presence of producers and consumers of meaning. Digital archives do behave as repertoires in that they are constantly evolving and they also keep and transform choreographies of meaning, in Taylor's evocative phrasing. This article suggests that there are two ways in which this similarity with repertoires is manifested: constant change that is driven by improvisation and the possibility of embedding the items of the repertoire in entirely new settings.

In what follows I suggest that the first of these characteristics is equivalent to the continuous beta status of many digital archives; and the second, to the potential to embed archival content in new settings through iframes and APIs.An iframe is an HTML element that allows a website to be embedded in another one. An API is a an application program interface, a set of protocols that allow a program or web service to communicate with other programs or services. These characteristics correspond to two kinds of dynamism, which I propose to call internal and external. Internal dynamism is the capacity of a repertoire or digital archive to change constantly, as result of interactions, changes in the people working on it, and the conditions affecting audiences and funding. The external dynamism refers to the fact that the same material can be presented in a variety of settings. For example, the same performance could be presented as a ritual and as an international entertainment in different stages, as it happens with some Balinese dance performances. In the case of a digital archive, the same content could be presented on its website, or, if the encoded XML is downloaded or served by an API, under a different interface. I use the term dynamism in the following sections, but this term could also be considered as instability or adaptability, depending on whether we want to emphasize the positive or the negative aspects of this constant change. Dynamism is not necessarily more neutral, but it is a common term and I will use it to stress both the positive and negative aspects of this propensity to change. 350c69d7ab


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