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Terror Train Subtitles English


Terror Train Subtitles English

Parents need to know that Train to Busan is an excellent South Korean zombie horror -- with English subtitles -- that features frantic, bloody violence, and intense scenes in enclosed spaces. Despite the intensity it is more of a fun action movie than a chilling horror. Zombies kill many people and they in turn instantly become zombies. The movie features scenes of civil unrest, a train crash, and people falling from helicopters. Most characters are courageous and resourceful. Teamwork, courage, compassion, and communication help train passengers under siege from zombies to get out of desperate situations. A father, Seok-woo (Gong Yoo), takes care of his daughter, Su-an (Su-an Kim), and forms a group with survivors to help others escape. One character lets others die to save himself. Infrequent strong language includes "bulls--t," "bitch," and "arse." A few brands feature in the movie, including Burger King, Audi, and Nintendo. 59ce067264


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