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Yeon Gaesomun: A Historical Drama Series About The Legendary General Of Goguryeo

Yeon Gaesomun is a Korean historical drama series that aired from 2006 to 2007 on SBS. It tells the story of Yeon Gaesomun, the general who killed the penultimate king of Goguryeo, Yeongnyu, in 642. It was a period of tremendous instability, both because of the pressure by Shilla, but also because the political situation in Goguryeo was very confusing. After General Yeon put Yeongnyus nephew Bojang as his puppet on the throne following his coup detat, he tried with little success to calm down Yeons two sons in trying to gain power, and started repressing Buddhism (the kingdoms official religion) in favour of Taoism.


The series consists of 100 episodes, each lasting about 65 minutes. It features a large cast of actors, including Jo Jae-hyun as Yeon Gaesomun, Lee Tae-gon as Yeon Namsaeng, Kim Seo-ra as Lady Saeng, Choi Jae-sung as King Bojang, Kim Sang-joong as King Yeongnyu, and Lee Jong-soo as Kim Yushin. The series also depicts the historical events such as the Siege of Ansi Fortress, the Battle of Salsu River, and the Fall of Goguryeo.

The series received critical acclaim for its production quality, historical accuracy, and acting performances. It also won several awards, including the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards and the Best Drama Award at the Seoul Drama Awards. However, the series also faced some controversies, such as plagiarism accusations, budget issues, and censorship problems.

Where to Watch Yeon Gaesomun with English Subtitles?

Unfortunately, Yeon Gaesomun is not widely available with English subtitles. The series has not been officially licensed or released on any streaming platforms or DVD sets outside Korea. There are some fan-made subtitles that can be found online, but they are incomplete and inconsistent in quality. Therefore, if you want to watch this epic historical drama series with English subtitles, you will have to look for alternative sources.

One possible source is Trakt, a website that tracks your TV shows and movies. Trakt has a page for Yeon Gaesomun that lists all the episodes and their air dates. You can use Trakt to keep track of your progress and find out which episodes you have watched or missed. However, Trakt does not provide any subtitles or links to watch the episodes. You will have to search for them elsewhere.

Another possible source is Facebook, where some fans have uploaded clips and episodes of Yeon Gaesomun with English subtitles. However, these uploads are not official and may be taken down at any time. Moreover, they are not complete and may not cover all the episodes or scenes. You will have to rely on your luck and patience to find what you are looking for.

A third possible source is Kit, a website that allows you to create collections of products and services. Kit has a page for Yeon Gaesomun English Subtitles Download that contains some links to download the subtitles for some episodes. However, these links are not verified and may not work or be safe. Moreover, they do not include the video files or sources to watch the episodes. You will have to find them separately.


Yeon Gaesomun is a historical drama series that tells the story of the legendary general of Goguryeo who fought against Tang China and Shilla. It is a highly acclaimed series that boasts a high production quality, historical accuracy, and acting performances. However, it is not easy to watch this series with English subtitles, as it has not been officially licensed or released outside Korea. You will have to resort to alternative sources such as Trakt, Facebook, or Kit to find some fan-made subtitles or uploads. However, these sources are not reliable and may not offer a complete or satisfying viewing experience.


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