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Deep Sea Death [Final] [WORK]

The water levels and salinity of the successive lakes (Amora, Lisan, Dead Sea) have either risen or fallen as an effect of the tectonic dropping of the valley bottom, and due to climate variation. As the climate became more arid, Lake Lisan finally shrank and became saltier, leaving the Dead Sea as its last remainder.[21][22]

Deep Sea Death [Final]

An unusual feature of the Dead Sea is its discharge of asphalt. From deep seeps, the Dead Sea constantly spits up small pebbles and blocks of the black substance.[37] Asphalt-coated figurines and bitumen-coated Neolithic skulls from archaeological sites have been found. Egyptian mummification processes used asphalt imported from the Dead Sea region.[38][39]

King Herod the Great built or rebuilt several fortresses and palaces on the western bank of the Dead Sea. The most famous was Masada, where in 70 CE a small group of Jewish zealots fled after the fall of the destruction of the Second Temple. The zealots survived until 73 CE, when a siege by the X Legion ended in the deaths by suicide of its 960 inhabitants. Another historically important fortress was Machaerus (מכוור), on the eastern bank, where, according to Josephus, John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod Antipas and died.[49]

The True Ending can be achieved by going through the first two Normal Endings in order. Syakesan stabs Wadanohara with the Sacred Sword. Samekichi chooses to go after his brother to put a stop to this. Before doing so, Wadanohara regains more of her sealed memories, realizing how deeply Samekichi cares for her. She promises to wait for him until his return. At the end of the game, the older Wadanohara who has been telling the story awaits his return yet again. On this night, Samekichi finally makes it home, and the two are finally reunited.

"Circulation collapse would have been a death sentence for anything that could not swim closer to the surface and the life-giving oxygen still present in the atmosphere," Ridgwell said. Creatures of the deep include bizarre-looking fish, giant worms and crustaceans, squid, sponges and more.

The lake has a storied place in history. The biblical Sodom and Gomorrah reportedly overlooked its shores, while King David allegedly sought relaxation there in 1000 BCE. A few paces away, on the mountain top of Masada, Herod the Great built palaces, and in 73 CE, a thousand Jewish zealots chose death in their fortress over surrender to the Romans. Centuries later, Byzantine monks lived in monasteries overlooking its shores, and Crusaders built their castles.

Bathymodiolinae mussels are typical species in deep-sea cold seeps and hydrothermal vents and an ideal model for investigating chemosynthetic symbiosis and the influence of high hydrostatic pressure on deep-sea organisms. Herein, the potential influence of depressurization on DNA fragmentation and cell death in Bathymodiolinae hosts and their methanotrophic symbionts were surveyed using isobaric and unpressurized samples. As a hallmark of cell death, massive DNA fragmentation was observed in methanotrophic symbionts from unpressurized Bathymodiolinae while several endonucleases and restriction enzymes were upregulated. Additionally, genes involved in DNA repair, glucose/methane metabolism as well as two-component regulatory system were also differentially expressed in depressurized symbionts. DNA fragmentation and programmed cell death, however, were rarely detected in the host bacteriocytes owing to the orchestrated upregulation of inhibitor of apoptosis genes and downregulation of caspase genes. Meanwhile, diverse host immune recognition receptors were promoted during depressurization, probably enabling the regain of symbionts. When the holobionts were subjected to a prolonged acclimation at atmospheric pressure, alternations in both the DNA fragmentation and the expression atlas of aforesaid genes were continuously observed in symbionts, demonstrating the persistent influence of depressurization. Contrarily, the host cells demonstrated certain tolerance against depressurization stress as expression level of some immune-related genes returned to the basal level in isobaric samples. Altogether, the present study illustrates the distinct stress responses of Bathymodiolinae hosts and their methanotrophic symbionts against depressurization, which could provide further insight into the deep-sea adaptation of Bathymodiolinae holobionts while highlighting the necessity of using isobaric sampling methods in deep-sea research.

He originally was thought to work for the Sea Kingdom until he was revealed to be a cunning and manipulative traitor working for the Sea of Death, in order to release Princess Mikotsu and full the sea of infinite madness, terrorism and death.

From his early life, as stated below, he was an innocent and normal person. He and Samekichi both got along well and it was implied that they had a close bond with his mother until she committed suicide after battling with depression, which deeply affected him mentally and psychologically.

Sal cares about no one but himself. He doesn't care about his own allies and treats all the members of the Sea of Death like pawns, although he does seem to care about two people: Wadanohara (whom he has a obsession with, more stated below) and his mother (it is often hinted at that he genuinely cared about his mother and still cares about her regardless of all the things he did, and couldn't accept the death of his mother, as shown in a bonus scene).

He has a deep, twisted love for Wadanohara, paralleling his brother's deep and honest love for her. He seems to be quite jealous of Samekichi, saying things like "Is he that good to you?" and getting visibly shaken after Wadanohara mentions Samekichi. Sal also possibly shows some misogynistic views.

Before the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Sal was born as Shiranami. He was a normal person who resided with his family on an island. His family members consisted of his brother, Namiho, and Namikaze, his mother. He and Samekichi both got along during this time, while Namikaze was battling with depression. Eventually, her depression became unbearable which is what drove her to commit suicide offscreen. Sal witnessed everything. Following Namikaze's suicide, Sal was unable to accept his mother's death and ended up joining the Sea of Death, sinking his soul and destroying his mind and personality, ultimately becoming corrupted by Mikotsu.

In the final parts of the game, Wadanohara does nothing which upsets Sal, leading him to stab Wadanohara and leaving her to die of blood loss while he runs off to save his own skin and thinking he can get away with it. However, it backfires as Samekichi intercepts and executes Sal to end his suffering. The screen then turns black as Samekichi executes Sal (possibly by beheading him with the sword or slaughtering him) offscreen, Sal finally dies, crippling the Sea of Death's power and rendering the Sea of Death leaderless which also places an end to the monster and his reign of terror for good. This also results in a victory for the two kingdoms, and leading the Sea of Death Kingdom to be permanently destroyed, rendering the Sea of Death and Sal no longer a threat.

Not much is said by Deep Sea Prisoner on what happened after Sal's defeat and death, and one can assume that after the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, after peace was restored in post-war, Sal was remembered as a terrorist and a traitor, and was posthumously disowned by both Uomihime's Court and the Great Blue Sea for his crimes. Samekichi is later found innocent and all of his charges are dropped. Long after the war and Sal's death, Wadanohara becomes pregnant and gives birth to their son, Minmai (posthumously making Sal a uncle).

The second difference concerns proteins and enzymes. Proteins are long, complex chains of amino acid molecules that have to fold up like molecular origami in order to work correctly. You can maybe guess that the folding is different under pressure. This is especially important for the class of proteins called enzymes, which are catalysts for chemical reactions in the body (they make the reactions occur but do not themselves change in the process). If enzymes fold incorrectly, then the chemical substrates they work with may no longer fit the enzyme properly and the reaction may cease, or possibly they fit too well and the reaction accelerates out of control. The majority of biochemical reactions in cells are enzyme-mediated, from energy metabolism to cell division, so the effects of enzyme disruption would be profound. Pressure can even make molecules more (or less) toxic. Urea is a good example: it becomes far more toxic as pressure increases. So deep sea sharks, which like all sharks have a lot of urea in their blood, also have a lot more of the protective chemical TMAO to offset this effect than do their shallow water cousins.

Tilikum, now 28, had already been responsible for the deaths of two people since he was captured as a two-year-old whale, so no trainers were allowed to swim with him as he was considered so dangerous.

Thirty minutes later, and after being isolated in a special medical pool with a hydraulic base, Dawn was finally freed from Tilikum, the largest orca in captivity and the animal she had worked with for 16 years.

Rare deep-sea brine pools discovered in the Red Sea may hold clues to environmental upheavals in the region that span millennia, and could even shed light on the origins of life on Earth, a new study finds.

Scientists know of just a few dozen deep-sea brine pools in the entire world, which range in size from a few thousand square feet to about a square mile (2.6 square kilometers). Only three bodies of water are known to host deep-sea brine pools: the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

The Red Sea possesses the highest known number of deep-sea brine pools. These are thought to arise from dissolving pockets of minerals deposited during the Miocene epoch (about 23 million to 5.3 million years ago) when the sea level in the region was lower than it is today. 041b061a72


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