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Real Steel: The Official Game of the Movie - Available for Xbox 360

as the game features the xbox 360's kinect peripheral, players are able to interact with the game using motion tracking and voice recognition technology. while we don't have the kinect version of this game here, the demo featured a virtual boxing match that allowed the player to choose from six different boxing styles and adjust footwork, hand placement and timing for precision.

Real Steel Xbox 360 Game Download


the game comes with a set of six different training modes to get you started, from a simple tune-up, to practicing movesets before a fight, to battling in a tournament, and even an extensive training mode that lets you experiment with any one of the 100 million custom robots and tracks your results via a skill rating.

one thing that was slightly disappointing was that, much like the wii, the boxing interface doesn't have a sensor pad. the guide comes with a number of video tutorials, but we'd have preferred an automated walkthrough. a step-by-step camera-view would have been particularly useful, as many of the moves to master and expressions to pick up on are often the ones hard to see in real time. in addition, we wish the game was a little more cooperative; it'd have been nice to have some guide in the background, rather than letting the player carry the mission on his or her own.

if you want to take advantage of a wide-screen tv, there is a widescreen option. the game is also available for the playstation 3 and the playstation portable. real steel is graphically similar to the recently released bully. the colors are vibrant and the anime style animation is well done.


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