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Trail to Tbilisi national park

Tbilisi National Park was established on the basis of Saguramo Strict Nature Reserve, which was created in 1957. The Park is located at a distance of 25 km from Tbilisi and is included in the Green Zone of the city. The Saguramo Strict Nature Reserve was established with the purpose of maintenance of the forest characteristic for Georgia and protection of the forest habitants among them the rare species such as Caucasian Red deer and lynx. Area of Tbilisi National Park is 24328 ha. It is situated near the two important cities of Georgia – Mtskheta and Tbilisi. Tbilisi National Park is belonged to the moderate humid climate zone. The winter is moderate cold and summer is long here. The amount of annual atmospheric precipitation is 523-720 mm. The annual air temperature in January is -0.5 °C and in August +24,1°C. Geo-morphologically the territory is a rugged region with numerous mountains, slopes and gorges. The highest point is located at 1385 m above sea level.

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Day ride tour in Tbilisi national park

Day 1. We have very nice bike trail in Tbilisi national park, it is marked in Europe standard stands, the bike trail is 45 km. it is going in very nice forest where from you can see whole Tbilisi. Also there is many picnic places where you can stop on the way and rest. We offer you best bike one day trip not far from Tbilisi.  The ascent is 7 km 300 meter, and them starts descent 800 meter. 

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