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Hiking & trekking tour in Tbilisi Georgia 

Tbilisi is surrounded with small Caucasus Mountains. Best thing to do in Tbilisi  is to go for trekking and hiking tour not far from Tbilisi. The hiking & trekking roads is very beautiful and you can enjoy with beautiful views of town. Our hiking &trekking line is going throw Mtatsminda mountain in Funicula. During the tour we need to cross some streams and beautiful forest.

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Day 1. Tbilisi trekking tour starts from the Vake park and then we going in amazing beautiful forest in Kojori, on the way we are going to visit ethnography museum, there is exponents all of regions of Georgia, what tell us how the people culture was before. After the museum we are going in Mtatsminda mountain and then in Kojori in Udzo monastery, which was built in VI century. On the way back we have chance to see great views of the city and Great Caucasus Mountains range, take some nice photos make a picnic in the forest and then come back later in Tbilisi. 

Tour duration: 4-5 hours.

Path distance: 30km.

Tour includes: Picnic

Day hiking & trekking tour in Tbilisi

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