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The Ultimate REAPER Themes Collection: Discover the Top Skins of 2020 and How to Use Them

REAPER Themes Collection v.2020: The Best Skins for Your DAW

If you are a REAPER user, you probably know that one of the best features of this powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) is its ability to customize its appearance with different themes. Themes are skins that change the look and feel of REAPER, from the colors and icons to the layout and functionality of the interface.

REAPER Themes Collection v.2020

Themes can make your REAPER experience more enjoyable, inspiring, and productive. They can also help you adapt to different workflows, genres, and preferences. Whether you want a sleek and modern theme, a vintage and retro theme, or something in between, there is a theme for you.

But how do you find the best themes for REAPER? Where can you download them? And how do you install them? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will show you the REAPER Themes Collection v.2020, a huge compilation of the most amazing skins for your DAW. We will also give you some tips on how to use them and where to find more.

What is the REAPER Themes Collection v.2020?

The REAPER Themes Collection v.2020 is a pack of over 600 themes for REAPER, created by various designers and users from the REAPER community. It is the second installment of the most MegaEpic compilation ever to be conceived, the one and only..

The collection includes themes for every taste and style, from realistic emulations of hardware mixers and classic DAWs to futuristic and minimalist designs. Some of the themes are based on popular software like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Studio One, and more. Others are original creations that showcase the creativity and diversity of the REAPER community.

The collection also features themes for different screen resolutions, aspect ratios, and scaling options. Whether you have a small laptop or a large monitor, you can find a theme that fits your screen perfectly. You can also adjust the size and position of the elements in some themes to suit your needs.

The REAPER Themes Collection v.2020 is a free download that you can find on various websites and forums dedicated to REAPER. All thanks/credits/kudos go to their respective designers who generously shared their work with the world.

How to Install REAPER Themes

Installing REAPER themes is very easy and fast. You don't need any special software or skills to do it. All you need is the theme file and REAPER itself. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the theme file from the REAPER stash or any other website that offers REAPER themes. The theme file will have a .reaperthemezip extension.

  • Open REAPER and drag and drop the theme file into the REAPER window. Alternatively, you can double-click on the theme file and REAPER will open with the new theme.

  • Enjoy your new look! You can change the theme anytime by going to Options > Themes and selecting a different theme from the list.

That's it! You have successfully installed a new theme for REAPER. You can also customize some aspects of the theme, such as the track layouts, toolbar icons, and color schemes, by using the Theme Adjuster or the Theme Editor. These are advanced tools that allow you to tweak the appearance of your REAPER interface to your liking. You can access them by going to Options > Themes > Theme Adjuster / Theme Editor.

What are some of the best themes in the collection?

The REAPER Themes Collection v.2020 has so many themes that it can be hard to choose one. Of course, the best theme for you depends on your personal preference and taste, but here are some of the most popular and well-designed themes in the collection:

  • HYDRA: This theme by Blankfiles is a sleek and modern theme that resembles Studio One. It has a dark background, colorful meters, and a clean layout. It also comes with different track layouts, toolbar icons, and color schemes.

  • Imperial: This theme by White Tie is a realistic emulation of a hardware mixer. It has a vintage and retro vibe, with knobs, faders, buttons, and meters that look like real analog devices. It also has a lot of details and features that make it very functional and immersive.