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Where To Buy White Pinot Noir

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where to buy white pinot noir


It is a precise process that provides a relatively meager amount of wine for the effort. As a result, these wines are uncommon and can come with elevated price tags. Savvy shoppers might consider trying bottles from areas with comparatively larger white Pinot Noir output, such as Oregon, where traditional Pinot Noir is prevalent. Or Germany, where the Pinot Noir grape is locally known as Spätburgunder.

A white wine made from red wine grapes, the Schug Carneros Estate white pinot noir contains flavors of wild strawberries, rhubarb, a hint of black cherry and white peach. (Courtesy of Schug Carneros Estate)

Claudia Schug had the opportunity to taste white pinot noir from several different wineries while living in Germany for almost 30 years and always found these wines intriguing. So when it was decided that her Sonoma winery should add another white wine to its portfolio, pinot noir seemed like the perfect choice: it was a grape varietal the winery already had access to and much experience making wine from.

The biggest challenge producing a white pinot noir is making sure there is no color in the wine. Vineyard staff had to work fast, while also being careful, when picking the grapes, grown at Ricci Vineyards in Carneros. The fruit was hand-picked at night, quickly transported to the winery and pressed without any skin contact to preserve the pale color. Just the pressure from the weight of the grapes against each other had the potential to add unwanted hues.

I was first introduced to Left Coast Estate wines at the Charleston Wine & Food Festival in March of 2018. It was there that Suzanne Larson, co-founder of Left Coast, was pouring samples of several of their wines. This included the 2017 vintage of their white pinot. Equally important, it was also the very first time Gary and I sampled a White Pinot Noir. And damn, it was so good that it put me on a path to find other White Pinots.

The color is a clear, lightly pinked gold. The nose is bursting with plushness. In this case, coming from notes of ripe apple and pear. Following that, I parsed a subtle back note of warm baked custard, which I believe also added to the richness of the nose. Tongue-tickling acidity is key to a well-made white pinot, and this wine does not disappoint. The palate is a soft creamy texture and notes of ripe MacIntosh apples, then lemon, followed by minerality. The wine finishes with a long flowing burst of tartness and acid that started this sip. 041b061a72


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