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I hear your concern, John! First, please tell us what diabetes medicine you are taking. Then, we need to know your A1C level and you BMI (Body Mass Index). Those are the crucial levels for you to know at all times. Meanwhile, you have to cut back, or cut out if possible, grains (wheat, rice, etc.) and potatoes. It is the high-glycemic foods that make your blood glucose levels so high. You can see the complete list of foods that have been tested for their glycemic levels at

Thanks for your response David I appreciate it. No I am not overweight my BMI is like a 19 or 20.I weigh only 118 pounds and I am 5 ft 5 inches tall.I am afraid if I start on a low carb diet I will lose weight but I am more afraid of diabetes.Do you know what types of foods I can eat that can help me avoid losing weight and still keep my A1C levels under control.The doctor said I was at risk for pre-diabetes will take this test again in a couple months. 153554b96e


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