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Mountain biking in the republic of Georgia

The mountain biking in the republic of Georgia in Great Caucasus range it is awesome. There is many single trails if you want to fill more extreme and adrenaline, you need the guide who is professional MTB rider and who knows very well the Georgian land scape. The mountain biking guide need to be Georgian local, good knowledgeable with good experience of the routs because the GPS maps is not work well in Georgia. Georiders is offer you full and high service of it. We have big experience on mountain biking, our guides is professional riders, they won many time international MTB races. They are great friendly people. When your bike has problem on the way we can fix it in five minutes on the way we know how to do it, we are bike mechanics also. Discover the Georgia with the bike, it is number one country for biking, people is awesome, they are hospitality, we have great food and wine. After the riding we have chance to taste local traditional food and wine, also listen local Georgian folk music. During the tour we will be meet hand Georgian carpets, dress, hats, boots, socks and act...

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