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Georiders-Mountain biking tours in the republic of Georgia Algeti

The republic of Georgia is amazing place for mountain biking. Georgia is a small country only 3 million and half inhabitants leaves inside country. This country is like paradise, it is full of beautiful nature and full of the rivers and streams. Georgia has much more beautiful trails when in Canada in Whistler MTB park. We decide to go for riding in 10 February in Algeti area, this place is not to much far from capital city Tbilisi. After the 1 hour driving me and my friend wend in destination check point where we drop our car and we start mountain biking in the forest. We have been first mountain bikers who first did ride with MTB bike in Algeti protected area. I can highly say that it is best 10 Enduro trails in the world. You need to see it yourself. Caucasus mountains is amazing place for MTB tours. It is wild everything in Georgia and unforgettable beautiful. Join us for mountain biking in Georgia.

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