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Bike tour in Georgia

Georgia is amazing country, people are always friendly and hospitality, there is many different food and more when 500 hundred different wines. Also in Georgia is Great Caucasus mountains which is very beautiful with the nature, there is many natural single tracks which is great for mountain biking. 4 days ago me Peter and Loura we went for mountain biking tour in Borjomi - Bakuriani area, we have been lucky because the weather become sunny, dry with out wind and the temperature was 22 degrees, if you like biking you understand how nice is it the 22 Celsius for biking in autumn time when the nature is colorful and on the mountains are snow. We went in early morning from Borjomi to Bakuriani by electric train, in the wagon was only me Peter and one Georgian guy Nodar which we meet him in the train, he was very friendly and good mountain biker, we speak a lot about mountain bike trails in that area. After two hours we arrive in Bakuriani, we started to biking up in Didvely mountain from 1700 meter at elevation 2160 meter, for beginning we went in cable car and it was closed and we decide to pedaling bikes up and we little bit worm up, then started nice single path 5 km length, it was fast downhill track but some places on the trail we cross snow and mud, after the single path we started to continue riding in the forest on double track which length was 29 km descent till Borjomi park. In Borjomi park we went on single path 1 km down till worm swimming pools which is in open nature and we stoped bikes change the swimming clothes and we jump in the water, it was 6 pm and start cooler and temperature outside was 10 Celsius but in water was worm. After 1 hour relaxing in the pool we went out take our iron horses and we went again for ride 4 km till our hotel in Borjomi. I went for a sleeping in my friend house Alex, when i arrive his house there i meet his friends and they offered me to go for camping in outside of nature, the take guitar we make fire and cooked barbecue, taste wine, make Georgian traditional dancing with Georgian folk songs and we have been play on guitar.

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