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4 top destinations in Sakartvelo (Georgia) which you need to see by mountain bike

Sakartvelo (Georgia) is located in middle of Asia and Europe, our country is surrounded with high Caucasus mountains and the picks altitude are around 5201 meter, it's make beautiful landscape which is covered whole year with ice, in Georgia winter coming in December and many passes are getting close till end of April because there is big snow and there is big risk to die by avalanches, in example like that passes is Datvisjvari pass at altitude 2700 meter in Khevsureti, Abano pass at altitude 2900 meter in Tusheti and Zagaro pass in Svaneti at altitude 2600 meter, also some times is danger to cross Jvari pass on the way to Kazbegi on which altitude is 2395 meter but there are many tunnels which one you can use. This 4 regions is amazing beautiful and they have there own beautiful landscape, i can;t told you which place is more better, the 4 of them is magic beautiful, you need to travel there to feel how was people leave there many centuries before. The villages looks like same how it was in V century, there is not many civilisation, there is no asphalt and modern roads or chair lifts big supermarkets, some of them villages looks very ancient and people are there very hospitality.

Tusheti - this region is protected area where is many animals, many sheep and shepherds, many eagles , many bee and lot of water falls. People leave there only in summer time 6 month only and winter time stay only few families there. In Tusheti is lot of single track and double track, many choice of track to ride, from Tusheti you can go to ride in Khevsureti and from Khevsureti to Kazbegi. In Tusheti you can meet very old watching tower and many old hoses. Tusheti is at the border of republic of Dagestan and Chechnya. There is highest village in Europe village Bochorna.

Khevsureti is also mountaineer place and it's looks similar like Shatili but in hear is more high mountains and different nature, villages are very old and people leaves little bit different, they are more medium size height, they use different clothes and on there is many ornaments on the dresses and on shirts. Khevsureti is at the border of Chechnya and Republic of Ingushskiy.

Kazbegi - It is more high and steep mountains, there are also many beautiful views many rocky mountains, in hear you feel civilisation where is many hotel bar and restaurants, the road is by asphalt and easy to get there, it is one reason why there are many tourists. There is amazing mountain Kazbegi which altitude is 5047 meter. There is famous monastery

Svaneti - Is modern place, the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was repair town Mestia and make it very beautiful, there is famous Svan towers and many Mountains, Mountain Shkhara which altitude is 5201 meter and it is highest mountain in Georgia, also there is many biking and tracking trails.

If you want to see really paradise you need to visit this amazing 4 places in Georgia. If you want to see all places in 3 weeks is better to use mountain bike, or you can go for trekking and you need twice more time.

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