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Mountain bike categories and riding skills

Very useful is to know how to ride mountain bike. Mountain bike was built by Gary Fisher in 1979 year for grovel roads, then the culture of mountain biking was increased and now has hundred of million users around the World. The first bike geometry was very different when modern mountain bikes, the first time bike geometry it was like close to road bike and it was with with V brakes, wheel-set and handle bar was built more strong materials and it was for cross country races on normal grovel roads, then every yearthe starts producing more strong frames and components. Now in modern time we have many choice of mountain bikes brands and we have big choice of bike style and they are (cross country, Downhill, Enduro, Trail) bikes. It is very important to know before you decide to buy bike what far you want to use and where you are going to ride, in example if you live in Amsterdam and you want to use bike in city to go in work you dose not need mountain bike, but in example if you leave in Austria and your mentality is extreme and love adrenaline and adventure and in the winter time you skiing and in summer time you biking in mountains you need special bike for it and this bikes is depends of your life style. Most of cross country bikes has 80-100 mm travel and they are most hardtail bikes with (front suspension) and some of then cross country bikes has full-suspension with horizontal standing rear suspension, they are around 8-13 kg and depends of frame material, the most of bikes are with Aluminum frames but expensive bikes frame material are completed by Fiber Carbon and they are very light. What is a different with light and heavy bike, it is big different of riding speed, your leg power is straight perpendicular of bike weight, if it is light you are faster if it is 1 kg more heavier you are more slower, in Cross country World competitions has limited bike weights, your bike will not be less when 7.9 kg but for heavy bikes are not any limits. Downhill bikes are very heavy and there geometry is very different, on this bikes you can only make downhill ride and they are built with full-suspensions with 200-220 mm travel, downhill bike weight is around 18-25 km depends of frame materials and bike part components, with this bikes are impossible to ride uphill, but you can make very fast downhill and you can jump from very height and jump long distance. Enduro bikes has 150-160 mm travel, they have front and rear suspensions, the geometry of that kind of bikes are in middle of Cross country and Downhill bikes, they has ideal geometry for people who loves to ride single track, uphill and ride downhill in technical sections and make small jumps and make small climbing, there weight is around 12-15 kg depends of frame material and bike parts components. Trail bike is with 130-140 mm travel and this bikes is ideal for to riding uphill and to ride on technical sections downhill on single tracks, this bike is more light weight when Enduro bike and you can push your bike easier in top of the mountain picks and then you can make ride on mountain range and make amazing descent rides in single tracks, make same jumps like Enduro and keep going faster when Enduro bike, you can use trail bike for all terrain of mountain bike roads and it is easier to go fast in corners and easy to control your bike in very narrow sections when you turn left and right. The bikes for adults has the wheel sizes 26-27.5-29er. The firs bikes was only 26 size wheels and 27.5-29ers become on market around 2010 year, they are more faster when 26 inch wheelset. The cross country bike has 140-160 mm brake rotors because they don't need more powerful brakes because they are not going on long distance on descent, but on Downhill bike you need 203 mm travel because on that bike you going only descent ride from top of the hill and not to overheat you need strong brakes and rotor , the brakes on dowhill we use 4 piston hydraulic brakes because rotor needs more high pressure when hydraulic oil starts boiling. On Enduro and Trail bikes we use 180 mm rotors with 2 piston brakes only because that kind of ride we dose not need more strong brakes and rotors. It is very important before you decide to ride the bike to learn riding skills, if you have nobody to teach you hire mountain bike instructor and ride with him around 1 month and then you can get knowledge of little bit how to ride and how to control your body. When you biking on bike trails you need to be feel your bike and you need to know when and where to get your body weight left or right, back or front, and when to make front and rear brakes, this is very important for your safety. In example take your lessons in bike park, find some nice section and lets training in a week 3-4 times, then you will be see how your skills getting better. In Georgia (Sakartvelo) Caucasus mountains we think that best bikes on single track and for our ground is Trail bikes with 130-140 mm travel.

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