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Winter mountain biking in deep snow

Georgia is cold country in winter time, we have 4 different ski resorts where you can ski hundred different ski roads and ski lifts and they are (Gudauri, Bakuriani, Svaneti, Goderdzi). The ski roads altitudes starts from 3400 meter altitude and access down at altitude 1700 meter. The normal temperature in day time in January is around -5 and in night time is -20.

Tbilisi is more wormier which altitude is only 400 meter and in hear temperature in January in day time is around +13 degrees. It's means that in Tbilisi is possible to ride mountain bike, we have amazing mountains around Tbilisi where you can ride 60-70 km and enjoy with amazing nature and you can visit historical places and amazing views. Me and Merabi my friend and our MTB guide we are very experience riders in all condition of climate and we are enjoying every year with ride on snow, we asked our friend Temur to join us and to ride in amazing Korogli castle which was built in 11 century by queen Tamar. We did 50 km riding in paradise places. The riding was really fan in snow and our Kellys Gibon bikes which tire dimension is 27.5+ Plus tires it was more fun when normal Enduro bikes, the Plus tires has more grip and more aggressive protector and more comfort and it's has extra suspension filling. We get big speed on descent on ice and it was evening time when we finish riding at my house. The riding was really fun and unforgettable beautiful.

My mother cooked food (Khinkali) for us and i invite my friends Temuri and Merab in my house. We tasted best home made Khinkali and best home made few cups of Chacha and finely we celebrate our riding day tour at the Georgian traditional table. The photos you can see below.

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