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Mountain Bike Tour Tbilisi Georgia Atsunta Pass

Our close friends come in Georgia and we went in early morning from Tbilisi to Shatili "Khevsureti"

where from we start amazing biking ride in Datvisjvari pass, we went over at altitude 2700 meter up and then we make very fast descent ride to Shatili towers, the weather was fantastic. In the early morning we wake up at 5 am and we start biking from Shatili to Atsunta pass, the weather was nice in the morning but at 10 am it changed very fast and start raining and the temperature dropped down at 9 degrees. When we get to the top of the pass there start snowing and and get very windy and temperature dropped down at -5 degrees and we thought that we can die, but we keep moving up and then down more faster to get worming. We loose altitude and get wormier when in the top of Atsunta. Before we get to Girevi there was broken bridges and we decide to cross river by food and we jumped in the rivers. finely we did it in one day but it was hard riding because climate was very cold but we have not get sick and in evening time we get shower and we drink nice Georgian vodka Chacha. Last 5 days become amazing weather and we spend amazing time on bikes. Below i am uploading beautiful pictures from our bike tour in Tusheti.

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