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E-bike&MTB tour in Georgia Tbilisi

The biking season still in Tbilisi during the whole year, we local friends decide to go for biking close to Tbilisi in Didgori mountains. In the morning we gathered at our bike office in Lisi lake and we wend by car to Didgori, our driver Tomas he dropped us to the top at altitude 2200 meter but the temperature was very low around -1 degrees. When we started riding to the forest the temperature get wormier and we went descent side of Tbilisi, after 4 hours riding finely went back to the our office in Lisi lake, we change clothes and we went to Georgian restaurant where we tasted local food and enjoy cup of beer and Vodka. The riding was amazing beautiful, the colors in forest was amazing beautiful and we never forget it. With us was few girls and they enjoy with ride, they was in first time like that kind of trail.

In Total we did 49 km riding and altitude gain was around 1200 meter.


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