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New Mountain bike single track close to Tbilisi

During two years Georiders team was worked about new single track close to Tbilisi, we did amazing single track which is technical to ride and too much fun, there are many jumps, narrow tracks and many beautiful views which gave you amazing feelings. For a day ride tour it is amazing place to ride, we did nice single track as it was possible to make it with small budget. Our team is working for future projects and we believe that we can give more bike tracks for gift to our country. We are looking also for sponsors and if any business will be interested to help us to build new trails we will be happy on it. I make small video about our single track and watch it on our YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe)). The video is in Georgian language but next time i will make it with English subtitles. We are riding every day on this trails and Covid -19 can't stop us. We love healthy and active life and nobody can't stop us. We are ready to ride in high mountains passes 2020 #mountainbike #MountainBikeTourGeorgiav #Georiders #TravelInGeorgia #MTB #mtbTourGeorgia


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