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Mountain biking tours in Tbilisi in winter time. How to care your SPD pedals in winter time. Georide

In this winter time 2017 in Georgia is to much cold and frozen but i am still riding in the snow in around the Tbilisi. Tbilisi has nice trail not far from the centre, just i need to ride my bike 10 minutes and i am on mountain bike trails. Georgia is amazing country for mountain biking in whole year. You can meet unforgettable nature in the winter time. I want to told you that you need to know that in the winter time when you are going to ride your bike in snow you need to be careful not to damage your SPD pedals, i did small video about it and please check it. You need also put the chain oil on your pedals when it is dry to protect it from damage. I use also Shimano SPD pedals during the 10 years and it is amazing durable pedals what i have ever try. I think Japan iron is a best quality in he bicycle parts.

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